What vape cartridges do you have?
We have a various types of vape cartridges available in different in sizes in different flavors everyday. Click here to Check Our Menu or Shop Online to see what we currently recommend before you Schedule a Meet Up. If you do not see something on the list, chances are it may not be in stock at the moment.

Do you have flower/bud also?

Occasionally. Check our Menu for what is available.

Do I need a Medical Marijuana ID card?

No, however we do provide discounts for patients with a valid medical marijuana identification, as well as veterans & active military. 

Do You Check ID?

Yes, if you look under 21.

Do you deliver?/Can I get a Delivery?

Use our online store to browse items and then Schedule a Meet Up when you are ready

How soon can I get a delivery?
The same day if you put in a request by 11am or at least 4 hours prior to your preferred time & it's best if you can schedule meet ups the day before to help us serve you better. If you would like to meet up sooner, send us a text or email and we will do our best to get to you as soon as possible.

Do you deliver to Brooklyn/Queens/Bronx/Westchester?

Yes, If you are in Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx and you would like to request a Meet Up, please schedule it on our website the Day Before and we will confirm with you. For meet ups outside of Manhattan please be prepared to offer a gratuity of $20 for us to meet anywhere in Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx.

Do you deliver to New Jersey/Long Island?

By Spring/Summer 2019 we may introduce Weekend Meet Ups to New Jersey & Long Island.  

Can you ship my order?
Yes, we can mail your order.

Can I pick up somewhere or do you ONLY deliver?
Yes, Just shop in our store online here and select what you would like to pick up at that desired pick up location. 

I placed my order online, now what?

After you have placed your order online, check your email for status updates.

Do I have to make an appointment for delivery online?/Why can't I just text?

Yes, please. When you use our website to plan a meet up it makes it manageable for us to be able to serve all our clients efficiently. Additionally, when you use our website you accumulate rewards points which you can redeem towards future meetings.

Are you around today?

Yes. We are around everyday. 

Are you working right now?

We run from 10am to 10pm daily. If you have a special request & would like to meet up outside of those hours please email us at: the420vape@gmail.com   

I don't have any cash on me, can I pay with anything else besides cash?

Yes. We also accept Bitcoin. You can use Bitpay to send us Bitcoin by scanning this public key here.  

Do you take Credit Cards?


Do you have Venmo?


Can I use PayPal?


Do you accept Bitcoin?

Yes. Scan this QR Code 

Can I get a discount?
Yes, we have been known to offer discounts to Medical Patients, Active Duty Military Personnel & Veterans. Only 1 discount per Meet Up. If you are really cost sensitive, you may also want to learn more about how to collect and Redeem points with our Rewards Program.

Can I Share The Website Link with My Friend/Brother/Sister/Mom/Dad ?

Yes, just share our website link and ask them to use your number where it asks for the person who referred them. We give you rewards points which you can redeem for instant credit towards purchases in exchange for referrals when you send us the referral contact info in advance. Learn more about our Referral Reward Program by clicking here.

Do you have Moonrocks/Concentrates/Crumble/Shatter/Wax?

No. However if you make a request for a specific item we can attempt to find what you are looking for. 

Can I call?/Is there someone I can talk to?

Yes. You may can send us your feedback on our feedback page or you may contact us on any of our private messengers.