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We do our best to provide discreet access to high quality vapes & professional customer service that is reserved exclusively to only a select group. Please respect this privilege and we will provide you reliable professional service.

In case you have any general questions here's our FAQ http://bit.ly/420vfaq If you have more specific questions email them to the420vape@gmail.com

When you schedule a meet up, we will need a name, a mobile # & an email address so we can reach you. We will contact you from 917-768-4690 or 917-768-4729 in case you'd like to save those numbers in your address book.    

Our Menu http://bit.ly/420vmnu is updated with new products weekly & our inventory changes regularly so check our Menu before scheduling a Meet Up. Please try your best to schedule Meet Ups at least 2 hours in advance or the day before if possible, to help us serve everyone better. 

Try to schedule Meet Ups a few hours in advance and please suggest a safe place to meet up. Please be sure to check our Menu to be sure we have what you are looking for and use a referral or discount code if you have one. Use this link to schedule a Meet Up: http://bit.ly/420vmu 

If you are in Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx and you would like to request a Meet Up, please schedule it our our website the Day Before and we will confirm with you. For Meet Ups outside of Manhattan there is a gratuity added to the total for meet ups in Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx. 

We also offer discreet Mail Order which you can learn more about by reading this: http://bit.ly/420vape-mail-order Please save these links & however only share them when you send us a referral through our rewards program. http://bit.ly/420vrwds 

To Refer A Friend, please direct them to our website where they may schedule Meet Ups using the appropriate referral code to apply for membership. 

Reserve texting for when we need to meet up. If you use a secure messenger like Signal or Telegram you can sent us secure private messages that way. We offer a knowledge base through our reddit sub. To become a Member of our Sub Reddit http://bit.ly/420vrddt just send over your reddit username and we will send you an invitation.

To browse our online Shophttp://bit.ly/shop420vapes, we require an email address to create a profile. After you place an order you will receive a confirmation and status updates via email.  

Please feel free to follow us on Twitter or Instagram @the420vape and we strongly suggest you opt-in to our 420 Vape Update for discount promos codes, free premiums & to be notified of new product drops.